Websites Managed by Chris

Hi there and welcome to my home page.

I manage a few websites for local sports clubs etc.  They generally have their own domain names, but you can get to the sites directly by linking through the images below. The sites are designed to be easily accessible by our junior club members and their parents, so they have been kept quite simple.  Note that the work I do is purely voluntary, so please don't get upset if it isn't perfect!

Click on the links below to get into the sites. 

Night Flyers is a trampoline club based in Nottingham. My children both went to the club, which is how I got involved in the first place. I'm the club secretary and now I coach there too! TScore is a trampoline competition organisation and scoring program that I have been developing for a few years.  It provides a far more friendly and sophisticated solution than SWESCORE! Corby Trampoline Club is ... a trampoline club in Corby.  No surprises there then. 

Squishy is the Nightflyers club mascot.  He seemed to have developed such a personality that he demanded his own website.  I apologize profusely.... The East Midlands Trampoline Technical Committee administer trampolining clubs in the region and help to organise grading events and other competitions.  

Photos from MWC Barcelona